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Yoga & Tea Mentorship Info Session 

This is a free session for you to learn more about Kathy Gabriel’s Mentorship programme options and get a sense of what you will learn and experience as part of your training with her.

It includes a 75min practice with Kathy that works through the body to discover and connect you to the essence of who you are and who you want to be. Please not that this is not a regular / classical Yoga Class. The session is specially created for you to heal, harmonise and liberate emotions and energy. It is meant to help facilitate your new journey should you decide to enrol in the programme. After that, there will be a informal information session to discuss the mentorship programme and find out whether it is suitable for you.

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A drawing together of the traditional and the modern framework is at the heart of why yoga thrives today. From its simpler traditional start nearly 6,000 years ago in India, yoga has transformed into a dynamic practice that today reaches hundreds of millions of people across the globe. Its ability to remain relevant in changing times and cultures is testament to how its speaks to what humans around the world share in common be it a farmer, a victim of humanitarian crisis, an executive office worker. In this two-part workshop series, Kathy and Julie will teach you through both traditional and modern methods, why and how to make this practice even more relevant in all parts of your life. Through practices on the yoga mat, to the field, office space and into your own home, find out how to gain the benefits of a living yoga practice.


Part 1: Practice led by Julie Moksim

Part 2: Practice led by Kathy Gabriel

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The Heart of Yoga - 2 Part Workshop Series
8/12/2018 & 9/12/2018
Power of Meditation

This is an introductory meditation workshop to teach you all the fundamentals of  mindfulness. Kathy is a Yoga & Meditation guide who draws from many philosophies and meditation traditions, secular in her teachings, she will guide you through a 60 min mindfulness practice designed to teach people how to enjoy seeing things as they are, to be present in each moment so that we can live more fully, with a clear mind and open heart.


This meditation will work on specific themes, as well as particular powerful techniques including: breath, insight, sound, movement, loving-kindness meditation and mantra meditation. 

This workshop is designed to support you develop your own mindfulness meditation practice and to experience a more centred, calm and understanding approach to yourself and everyday life. Gradually, through practice, one can learn to creatively respond to oneself and the world as opposed to habitually reacting to it.

Floral Art Meditation

Combining Art Therapy and Yoga, join Kathy in this unique Meditation workshop focused on awakening creativity, breath and presence. Kathy will guide you through a nourishing meditative practice that integrates the healing power of flowers and colour; how flowers relate to our own ephemerality and the deeper meaning of colour in relation to your seven chakras. 


Kathy is always seeking creative ways to help students deepen their practice, guiding them towards the myriad of ways to go about creating their own unique and sacred space. Tibetan Buddhist Monks and Native American Indians have historically used mandalas as a way of evoking spiritual energy, meditation and healing. This Flower Mandala workshop is inspired from this belief and concept. In this 1.5 hour workshop, learn to tap into your own creativity without any need for artistic expertise, learn to break rigid boundaries and create beautiful flower mandalas to awaken your sense of self and practice.