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"I was advised to start yoga following years of back problems, and found Kathy's UrbanYogis class on Meetup. I started attending on Sunday and found the classes challenging yet very rewarding. I then started taking regular, mid-week classes, and have benefited from a well-rounded, varied practice that has helped alleviate pain and discomfort, but also helped with weight loss and enhancing my general fitness level greatly.  My back problems are near gone now, and I am simply attending to get even fitter, improve my technique/balance and relax! She has been amazing in tailoring practices and specific postures to my ability, I would highly recommend her classes to anyone. It really is rewarding and much more intimate/tailored than any other class I have attended."


- Edward, Management Consultant, Amateur Yogi

"Kathy is a very genuine teacher and you can tell the minute you step onto the mat and move with her that she puts a lot of her heart and soul into her classes, always catering her classes to the needs of her students.

Her classes are relaxing and challenging at the same time but always enjoyable. 

I have lower back problems and I find a lot of relief whenever I finish her classes. I always leave feeling relaxed and at ease with my environment."


- Vincent Koh

"I have always been encouraged by your calm assurance and find your teaching methods motivating. The classes have always been enjoyable and provided an opportunity for personal physical and mental development through yoga. My understanding and appreciation of yoga has broadened greatly, thanks to Kathy!"

- Miwa Someya

"You'll always walk away feeling like you made the best decision ever! Thank you Kathy!"

- Samantha 

"I have finally found a yoga class that is perfect for me! Kathy's class style is the right balance of building strength, opening the body for increased flexibility and bringing increased awareness and calmness to both the mind and body. Every time I leave class I feel renewed, relaxed and centered--the stress of the workday has melted away and I feel more complete. I can't recommend this enough!"


- Allison English

"First time I joined Kathy class was on a Sunday morning at the Botanical Garden, I was new in Singapore and beginner in Yoga, I used to practice yoga mainly at home but I felt I needed a guide to go through a path and that was a good chance for me to experiment.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the class in open air surrounded by nature, I found it very relaxing and friendly for a beginner like me and I met many people with my same interest.

After few weeks I decided to join her classes at the studio, it was a really special experience because Kathy personalizes the studio with some nice candles and scents making it welcoming and warm and before starting the practice she dedicates some time to a friendly introduction of people joining and of the yoga poses she will go through explaining benefits and purposes.

I find the yoga with Kathy much more than just a physical exercise as she guides you during the practice to connect with your feelings and to be aware of your sensations, all classes end with a very relaxing meditation time that really helps me to disconnect with everything that bothers me. After the class I always feel lighter like I released a lot of stress and I gained new energy. 

This is what I've always thought yoga is supposed to be.

I have been joining Kathy’s classes for 6 months now and I can say that other than enjoying every single class I also feel I improved my flexibility and my strength and I am much more confident during my practice."

- Claudia Cani