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Monday January 13 - Saturday January 18, 2020

Retreat Duration

6 days/5 nights


Thitaree Chaiyasate and Julie Moksim

Unique meditative flows, practices dedicated to the elements, and philosophy discussions centered around Advaita Vedanta allow us to redefine our relationship with "I." Where do "I" begin or end and how do "I" evolve with the community, the world, and the universe in which "I" find myself? Journeying to the Seer is about fine-tuning our connection with ourselves and with everything around us in a way that fosters spiritual wisdom and insight. As always, our retreats are designed to be approachable even to those new to the practice of yoga. Students who would like understand how to combine the physical and philosophical aspects of the practice will benefit from this program.

Vedanta Philosophy and Yogic Lifestyle

Advaita Vedanta is one of the paths to spiritual revelation defined in Indian classic philosophies. Advaita is the idea that the true self is the same as the highest metaphysical reality, or simply put, that we are one and the same with the universe that surrounds us and that in which we exist. Spiritual liberation is achieved by gaining knowledge about ourselves and the identity of the universal power or energy. Advaita is considered to be a spiritual pathway or philosophy, rather than religion and is concerned with spiritual realization in this life rather than in the afterlife.


In Advaita Vedanta, a liberated person is:

  • not bothered by disrespect and endures cruel words, treats others with respect regardless of how others treat him

  • when confronted by an angry person he does not return anger, instead replies with soft and kind words;

  • even if tortured, he speaks and trusts the truth;

  • he does not crave for blessings or expect praise from others;

  • he never injures or harms any life or being (ahimsa), he is intent in the welfare of all beings;

  • he is as comfortable being alone as in the presence of others;

  • he is as comfortable with a bowl, at the foot of a tree in tattered robe without help, as when he is in a mithuna (union of mendicants), grama (village) and nagara (city);

  • he doesn’t care about or wear sikha (tuft of hair on the back of head for religious reasons), nor the holy thread across his body. To him, knowledge is sikha, knowledge is the holy thread, knowledge alone is supreme. Outer appearances and rituals do not matter to him, only knowledge matters;

  • for him there is no invocation nor dismissal of deities, no mantra nor non-mantra, no prostrations nor worship of gods, goddess or ancestors, nothing other than knowledge of Self;

  • he is humble, high spirited, of clear and steady mind, straightforward, compassionate, patient, indifferent, courageous, speaks firmly and with sweet words.

The Retreat

On this retreat, we will guide you on a journey towards living your life in a way that is more liberating in the definition of Advaita Vedanta. As on other retreats, the physical practice of yoga (asana), will be the tool in which we practice the philosophical aspects of yoga. A unique style of mediative vinyasa flow will be introduced, one that is creative and that will allow us to practice the qualities of humility, respect and truthfulness that are central to Advaita's concept of a liberated being. Advaita is the true meaning of open-mindedness and inclusiveness in how we live our lives. Students will also be introduced to different techniques of breathing that help to bring about concentration and connection. Beginners and seasoned practitioners are invited to explore how classical philosophy can be used in today's hectic lifestyle. Our teaching style is modern and approachable, intended to benefit the life and welfare of the modern yogi. 

Sample Itinerary

​Day 1
1:30pm Arrival and check in
4:00pm Introductions and overview,
followed by opening ceremony
5:00pm Yoga and Meditation
7:30pm Organic Buffet Dinner

Day 2
7:30am Pranayama/Mindfulness Mediation
​8:00am Meditative Flow
9:30am Breakfast
2:00pm Philosophy Discussion - Advaita Part 1
3:30pm Special focus workshop:
Earth Element Theory and Practice   
5:30pm Meditation
7:30pm Organic buffet dinner

Day 3
7:30am Pranayama and Vinyasa Yoga
9:30am Breakfast
2:00pm Philosophy Discussion - Advaita Part 2
3:30pm Special focus workshop:
  Water Element Theory and Practice  
5:30pm Mediation
7:30pm Organic buffet dinner

Day 4
7:30am Pranayama/Walking Mediation
8:00 Meditative Flow
9:30am Breakfast
2:00pm Philosophy Discussion - Yogic Lifestyle
3:30pm Special Focus Workshop:
Air/Space Theory and Practice
5:00pm Yoga Nidra Meditation
7:30pm Organic buffet dinner

Day 5
7:30am Pranayama and Vinyasa Yoga
9:30am Breakfast
1:00pm Thai Yoga Stretching Workshop
6:00pm Evening program and Meditation
7:30pm Organic buffet dinner

​Day 6
7:30am Pranayama/Detox Mediation​
​8:00 Meditative Flow
9:30am Breakfast
11:00am Closing ceremony
12:00pm Check out and departure

* This is a sample itinerary. The actual schedule on the retreat may change slightly as a result of students' level of experience and needs. We endeavour to make your experience as relevant as possible and changes may be made along the way to enable us to do so. 

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