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"I'm happy to have participated in this retreat. I really needed this. Apart from the invigorating sessions, I really learned about myself; how I can better take care of myself and live life more fully. Kathy goes beyond what she indicates in the agenda of the workshop as she extends genuine care and friendship and is very patient in guiding us throughout the retreat. "

- Chelot Belan, 4D3N Bali, 2016

"Hearing the sound of the waves crashing against the shore was so therapeutic. Looking forward to more retreats in the future."

- Yi Ting, 4D3N Bali, 2016

"I really enjoyed dynamic meditation. It was overwhelming and eye opening. Kathy, your energy is AMAZING. You are a brilliant teacher - engaging, warm and encouraging. Thank you for this effort of brining us together and helping us become better versions of ourselves. Look forward to the next ones!!" 

- Karin Mehta, 4D3N Bali, Oct 2017

"Thank you for the wonderful and amazing experience. From the retreat itself, to helping out. I love every bit of it. Really appreciate your kindness and generosity to have in your pop up, retreat and everything else. Love you dear!"

- Amy Yeo, 4D3N Bali, Oct 2017

"I really enjoyed the retreat. The classes and workshops were well organised and filled with a lot of knowledge. Kathy, you are really gifted."

- Annette Lew, 4D3N Bali, Oct 2017

"I feel like Kathy was able to create and encourage a very supportive and intimate enviroment. It was a great break! Lots of positive vibes."

- Rianne Wynn, 4D3N Bali 2016

"Kathy - thank you for diligently and tirelessly taking care of us. It really shines through and makes you a special teacher!" 

- Hardeep Matharu, 4D3N Bali, Oct 2017

"I'll say this again - "You're probably gifted for this. If anyone does this well or any better it has to be you. Holding space and sending good vibes is an art as well a science that you have mastered beautifully & effortlessly. There's not one particular session for this retreat. It's befitting of any season."

- Clarice Song, 4D3N Bali, Oct 2017

"The dynamics of the group coupled with Kathy's inspiring and nurturing yoga instructions / teaching is what made this Bali retreat perfect for me."

- Kulvinder Kaur, 4D3N Bali, Oct 2017

"The dynamics of the group coupled with Kathy's inspiring and nurturing yoga instructions / teaching is what made this Bali retreat perfect for me."

- Kulvinder Kaur, 4D3N Bali, Oct 2017

"Kathy, you are a one-of-a-kind teacher. Thank you for creating and holding a safe place for all of us to practice at our own pace. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge. It has motivated me to rethink my yoga practice and beyond. "

- Amanda, 4D3N Bali, Oct 2017

"I'm grateful that Kathy has an open heart and is always willing to share what she knows. It is very apparent that she does a lot of research into yoga and things related in the way she shares. It is also very interesting she tries to make the retreat different and meaningful by adding different aspect such as Ayurveda." 

- Mary Chye, 4D3N Bali, 2016

"Beautiful setting with excellent teachers and great people."

- Daniel Aldred, 4D3N Bali, Oct 2017

"I really enjoyed the level up session. I was given the chance and encouraging to challenge myself and not feel afraid even if didn't well. The location was great. The people were great. The group was fun and encouraging . Kathy is such a great leader with lots of passion and energy to share!"

- Hendria, 4D3N Bali, Oct 2017

"The Bali retreat is a much better schedule, balanced between learning and workshops. Feels good. Maybe a better spread for breakfast! Hee Hee!"

- Anonymous, 4D3N Bali, Oct 2017

"The programme pace is just nice and all classes were unique on its own. Workshops were the best among all the classes I have attended. And I didn't know the food we prepared on our own can taste so good!!"

- Hui Beng, 4D3N Bali, Oct 2017