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We were all designed to move, inquire and experience
1-1 Private Classes

These one-to-one sessions are tailored to your specific needs and at your preferred location (home/work/anywhere accessible) and at your convenience.

Classes can range from Strength, Mobility & Stability Yoga Training, Breath Training, Meditation, Restorative & Yoga Therapy, Sound Therapy, Talk Therapy, Life Coaching & Thai Bodywork


Private Group Classes

Kathy runs weekly private group classes 75-90mins sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Sundays.

Classes are small (5-8pax), inclusive and holistic without solely focusing on the physical aspect of yoga. Booking is required, at least a day in advance.

Bodywork & Energy Therapy

These are tailored private sessions that are inspired by Yoga Biomechanics & Physiology, Thai Massage Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, Ayurveda principles, Myofascial Tissue Therapy, Vibrational Therapy, Sound Therapy and joint releasing practices.

Mentoring Programme

This is a 50+ hour intensive designed for yoga teachers to deepen their knowledge of themselves, their work in order to refine it to the audience they wish to serve.

Storytelling Yoga for Kids

Kathy is the sole provider of Storytelling Yoga in Singapore. Fusing fun stories, imagination and movement to introduce yoga to kids, Storytelling yoga is an amazing space for kids to have lots of fun while enjoying the benefits of yoga. 

Suitable for children between 3-8 years old.*

*2 year olds will require adult supervision