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joys of being- Rustic retreat

"I had a great time! Kathy is an amazing teacher with a gentle soul. She really takes effort to make everyone feel included and to tailor her class to everyone's needs. She's not afraid to share honestly and she never pushes you to do things which make you feel uncomfortable (but she will encourage you to try new things if she feels you are ready for it - which i appreciate very much).

Early morning meditation facing the sea watching the sky slowly lighten with sunrise was one of my favourite things - such peace and quiet unlike anywhere you can find in Singapore.

The arm balance workshop was a gem - how often do you have so much uninterrupted time with a teacher in a small class? and we got to try everything we wanted with guidance from her. Lover it! I hope to be back for more! :)"

- Claris Shi, 3D2N Bintan 2016

"Kathy! You're a truly inspiring person to be around. Thank you very very much for your dedication of doing what your love. I really enjoyed this retreat! Wish it could be longer!"

- Amanda, 3D2N Bintan 2016

"Your yoga session is amazing all the time. Your session is focus not only on posture but also relaxing the mind. I'm not familiar with meditation but I realised meditation is a good way to keep my mind stable. I really enjoyed this retreat so much!! Thank you for giving us a lot of energy, power, love..I hope I could join next reatreat as well :) "

- Naoko Taniguchi, 3D2N Bintan 2016

"This being my first yoga retreat I'm very blessed that I took this one from Kathy. I learnt so much over just 3 short days and I feel inspired to continue doing yoga and trying to find my balance back! Great Job!"


- Mary Chye, 3D2N Bintan 2016

"Kathy is a very knowledgeable and encouraging teacher. I felt like I've learned a lot from the sessions. Love her positive spirit. Thank you so so much Kathy!"

- Anonymous, 3D2N Bintan, 2016

"Great retreat at a private resort with the whole place to ourselves. Kathy was amazing in delivering her classes." 

- Yi Wen, 3D2N Bintan, 2016

"I really enjoyed the chakra reading sessions and the sunrise meditations were absolutely blissful." 

- Jolene Tan, 3D2N Bintan Aug, 2017

"There is a balance of experiences, mind, body and soul. I really enjoyed the partner work, level up workshop (personal work) and the power of breath. Thank you so much for sharing your passions, being compassionate, pushing us gently to keep trying."

- Eli, 3D2N Bintan Dec, 2017

"I managed to fully relax and not think about work and my stressful life! Thank you so much!!" 

- Katharina W, 3D2N Bintan Dec, 2017

"Loved the breathwork togerhter with asana yoga as well as the emotional release in yin yoga on the first day. Felt very clear and at peace after these sessions. Also had a realisation in the course of my 1st day. Got what I wanted out of this retreat." ​


- WT, 3D2N Bintan, 2016

"I'm so happy I gained a new perspective about yoga as a holistic practice."

- Anonymous, 3D2N Bintan May, 2017

"I really enjoyed getting a deeper understanding of yoga, beyond the classroom practice and physical aspect of yoga."

- Anonymous, 3D2N Bintan Dec, 2017

"Your lessons extend beyond just the yoga asanas but also to the spiritual side and in life. Thank you for teaching me! I felt inspired and hopeful to continue my journey!"

- Shella, 3D2N Bintan April, 2018

"I think that this retreat is the perfect introduction to other practices in yoga, outside of the asanas. Kathy is a wonderful teacher with a vibe unlike any other and is able to make anyone feel at ease even in a stranger, unfamiliar situation. If anyone is looking to explore other practices, this is a good place to start!"

- Sin Yee, 3D2N Bintan Aug, 2017

"This retreat has exceeded my expectations. Thoughtfully planned. I enjoyed the meditation sessions the most, learning to sit still with my own thoughts. The loving-kindness meditation was one of my favourites."

- Ee Xiu, 3D2N Bintan April, 2018

"I actually came thinking that this retreat would be very tiring / tough yoga class, back to back sessions, flowing from all types of classes but when 3/5 of the classes were meditations, it felt surprisingly good, not the kind of yoga practice I was expecting but it felt good & i slept like a baby. If not for the retreat I doubt I will actually book the resort even so it was definitely a great eye opening experience for me!"

-Lau Pei Ying, 3D2N Bintan April, 2018

"I loved that it wasn't like a yoga bootcamp. The retreat was very well-run and I never felt like it was too rushed / too little going on. The activities are interesting and Kathy encouraged us to go outside of our comfort zone but was always respectful towards our boundaries. I felt great before, during and after the retreat. Thank you , Kathy."

- Tingshan Tiong, 3D2N Bintan Sept, 2017

"This was a great retreat to allow us the space to connect with ourselves while the environment may be trying for some, it was very nice to return to nature and experience the animals we are not always familiar with."

- Anonymous, 3D2N Bintan April, 2018

"Kathy is an amazing, beautiful inspiration to everyone in the retreat. So sensitive and considerate to everyone's individual needs."

- Jo Ong, 3D2N Bintan May, 2017

"I really enjoyed the balance between the asanas and the other aspects of yoga that regular classes doesn't have."

- Annette Lew,  3D2N Bintan April, 2018